one month

Dear Eleanor, 

Wildly obsessed with you would be putting it mildly. Our house is a love bubble, and you, the third little member if our tiny little home team. You're kind of a dream newborn. Which is partially your sweet personality, and partially (I believe) an abundance of grace that God has granted your two very new parents. You sleep for five hour stretches every night, and, though you hate bath time, its really the only time you scream till you're face is red and hot. You have big, beautiful blueberry eyes, and I wonder if you'll start to suck your thumb soon, for you're hand is always finding its way into your mouth. You smell like heaven, coo like a bird, and you're milk-drunk smiles melt my heart every time. We're still pretty in awe that you're here. 



  1. I'm so very happy that she's so very happy and that you both are so very happy!


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