three months

Dear Eleanor, 

You hit three months and all of sudden you have become your own little person. You laugh when you think the face I am making is funny (which is pretty much always), you bravely grin when your dad tosses you up in the air (which you love), and you've finally given up your hatred of baths (which makes life easier for all of us). You have startled us with how early you've begun teething, but it makes you all the more snuggly (which I can't say I mind one bit). You have celebrated your very first Christmas, though you slept through most of the festivities, and you are quickly learning how to let us know when you want something (which isn't always a quiet thing). I lay in bed this morning, slightly missing my still, sleepy newborn, as you wiggled beside me chatting and kicking at the covers. But, these days, I love you all the more for your wildness. In fact, I love you even more now than I did then. Happy three months, darling. 



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