twenty-sixteen in images:

Twelve grainy iPhone photos to sum up our year:

1. A dear friend's wedding and learning that we were to be a family of three in January:

2. Applying to graduate programs and traveling to New England in February:

3. An unplanned visit to Colorado and the Rocky Mountains in March:

4. Suffering from hyperemesis and barely leaving the house in April:

5. Admiring pink peonies and learning that our wee babe was a girl in May:

6. Visiting New England (again) and beginning an MFA program in June:

7. Nesting and readying the nursery in July:

8. Walking in the woods while very pregnant (and dying of the heat) in August:

9. Meeting Eleanor in September:

10. Apple picking and getting lots of newborn baby snuggles in October:

11. A chilly trip to Lake George and baby's first wedding in November:

12. Celebrating Eleanor's first Christmas in December:

Happy New Year, friends!


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