Four Months

Dear Eleanor,

This is when I start asking myself How? How are you this big? How has it been this long?
You rolled over for the first time (three times in a row) this time last month, but since then, you seem to have forgotten your newfound skill. You were certainly unsure of it at the time which is why, maybe, you've been reluctant to try it again. Lately, bath time soaks all of us. You laugh as you suck at your wet hands and kick nearly all the water out of the tub. You found your voice in the last month and chirp and shriek the day away. Your eyes are still blueberry blue, though your hair is lightening, and we wonder if, perhaps, you'll be blond one day. I can't wait to see all the things we have left to discover, bebe girl. Happy Four months of life to you.



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