seven months

Dear Eleanor, 

Your Grandma keep asking me if you are really always this happy--that is, as happy as you appear to be in every photo and video I send her. And each time she asks, I smile to myself and reply, "Why, yes, she really is." If only we adults could channel our joy the way you do: full force and without restraint. 

This past month you became an expert at crawling. Also, semi-climbing. You follow me from the living room to the kitchen, and all around the house, scampering on hands and knees (always giggling as you do). You are like a puppy in that way; you like your head rubbed, and you are constantly sticking out your tongue and licking things. You also enjoying chewing on shoes (if we let you--which usually we don't) so really, you are very puppy-like. The dearest puppy I have ever met. 

We've spent the past seven months loving you, darling, and each month just gets better and better. Hold on to your joy. And, please, now that you're crawling and climbing, lets stay away from the bookshelves, ok?



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