ten months

Dear Eleanor,

Well, here we are. The double digits.
I feel like this month has been a big one. You continue to grow and change and reveal more of your silly personality. I love your spunk and your independence; the way you kiss me full in the mouth, and wave to every stranger you see on the street. You're such a friendly baby, sweet girl. And, I admit, I admire you so much for that, since friendliness has never been my strongest skill.

You still don't have any teeth, though most of your peers already have half a dozen at least. What to do about that? We all grow at our own rates, my dear. There is no sense in making comparisons. And for your part, you eat every kind of solid food despite your lack of teeth. You are a champion eater (which another thing I love about you). This month you have taken your first flight, had your first vacation, and seen the ocean for the first time. It's been a whirlwind of month, and I feel so grateful to be able to bear witness to all of these your "firsts." And you are so close! Maybe walking will come next? 
Happy ten months, darling. 



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