Breaking the Fall

Four students are already on a train headed for Greece.
Four leave for Switzerland later this evening.

Three just ran to catch their flight to Spain.

Two head to France in a couple hours.
Two leave for Austria at seven.
Two are not leaving Italy.

Fall Break...the looming fall break that we've all been contemplating since before summer began has finally arrived. On Monday we had four Papers to write, a book to read and discuss, an Italian midterm to take, and an incredible amount of packing to accomplish. Now, on Thursday, all I have to do is board my train in three hours and sit as it barrels around the Alps and across the Eastern European landscape.

M and I are journeying to the Czech Republic. Five days in Prague, followed by four days in Vienna and Salzburg before we return to Rome. I don't to access the internet until then, but I promise stories when I return.

For now, I must finish packing for we are going on a little adventure!


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