eight months


Dear Eleanor, 

It's finally peony season around here, and I am eager to show you how to lean over and smell these wonderfully pink flowers that grow in the corner of our yard with such gumption. "Sniff," I say, holding you over the tangle of blossoms, "Don't they smell nice?" But you, being only eight months, aren't quite sure what to make of these plants, or my words, and you grab at the velvety petals, tearing and grabbing until one poor peony is reduced to pink and green confetti, laughing as you do. You look up at me with your fist full of petals, as if to say, "Look what I did!" and, "Aren"t you proud?" (And, of course, I am).

This month you have doubled (perhaps tripled) your crawling speed. This means that you're pretty good at scrambling away mid-diaper change, and that you've discovered a love for peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek. Also, eating. No food is off limits. You eat what we eat (as long as its soft) and, I admit, its terribly fun to sit beside you, each of us with our own plate of avocado toast, or hummus, or scrambled eggs. (I am wondering when those teeth will come in...you really are a champion eater considering your mouth is all gum). 

Life is exhausting, but ten times more beautiful with you in it, sweet girl. 
Happy eight months.


seven months


Dear Eleanor, 

Your Grandma keep asking me if you are really always this happy--that is, as happy as you appear to be in every photo and video I send her. And each time she asks, I smile to myself and reply, "Why, yes, she really is." If only we adults could channel our joy the way you do: full force and without restraint. 

This past month you became an expert at crawling. Also, semi-climbing. You follow me from the living room to the kitchen, and all around the house, scampering on hands and knees (always giggling as you do). You are like a puppy in that way; you like your head rubbed, and you are constantly sticking out your tongue and licking things. You also enjoying chewing on shoes (if we let you--which usually we don't) so really, you are very puppy-like. The dearest puppy I have ever met. 

We've spent the past seven months loving you, darling, and each month just gets better and better. Hold on to your joy. And, please, now that you're crawling and climbing, lets stay away from the bookshelves, ok?




It is spring and lately I've been studying tulips, both inside and outside. Also contemplating baby-proofing supplies, summer denim, The Great British Baking Show, the art of memoir, pistachios, burr grinders, S-Town, and really good champagne. You?

(Also, pondering giving this space a bit more attention. Maybe). 

My Week in Images:


Five little things that made my week:

1. These daffodils...

tattered and rescued from the spring rain.

2. This children's book...

because look at those illustrations!

3. This bonnet...

because it makes an already-cute babe all the cuter.

4. This issue...

for cocktail inspiration (among other things).

5. This face...

because she makes my week every week.

What's a little something that made your week?

six months


Dear Eleanor,

Happy half-birthday, my girl! This month has been a big one for you. You've started eating solids (butternut squash is your favorite, and you prefer spinach to apples. w h a t ?). You're also rolling and moving around like crazy. This past week you've managed to push yourself up on your knees, and I imagine that you will be crawling like a champ before too long. They say that time passes quickly--that these babyhood days will be gone before I know it--and I am feeling the truth of that statement especially this month. Its been six months since we brought you home; life is busier and better with you in it, my dear.


five months


Dear Eleanor,

Five months old and the urge to squeeze-you-and-never-let-go is at an all time high. 

What else is new this month? You roll all over the place. All the time. It is as if you are loaded with a spring. I lay you down, turn away, and when I glance back you have rolled over. You think that rolling is a wonderfully fun game, and you giggle when I flip you back over because you know that all my attempts to keep you on your back are pointless.

And have I mentioned how happy you are all the time? Eleanor, you are the happiest person I have ever met. You laugh at everything. And we are pretty certain that you make jokes and think yourself terribly funny. 

Life is lighter since you've been in it, my love. Happy five months. 


My Week in Images:


Five little things that made my week:

1. This light...

because, even though it is still winter, the earth thinks it is spring. 

2. This book...

but mostly the ability to request books from the library and pick them up at the front desk, instead of rummaging throughout the stacks.

3. This Quangzhou Milk Oolong tea...

 and for the ritual evening pot shared with the husband.

4. This jar of granola...

because, granola for days. (Many thanks to last week's self for accidentally quadrupling the recipe). 

5. This little friend...

because she is the sweetest daily companion.

Four Months


Dear Eleanor,

This is when I start asking myself How? How are you this big? How has it been this long?
You rolled over for the first time (three times in a row) this time last month, but since then, you seem to have forgotten your newfound skill. You were certainly unsure of it at the time which is why, maybe, you've been reluctant to try it again. Lately, bath time soaks all of us. You laugh as you suck at your wet hands and kick nearly all the water out of the tub. You found your voice in the last month and chirp and shriek the day away. Your eyes are still blueberry blue, though your hair is lightening, and we wonder if, perhaps, you'll be blond one day. I can't wait to see all the things we have left to discover, bebe girl. Happy Four months of life to you.


twenty-sixteen in images:


Twelve grainy iPhone photos to sum up our year:

1. A dear friend's wedding and learning that we were to be a family of three in January:

2. Applying to graduate programs and traveling to New England in February:

3. An unplanned visit to Colorado and the Rocky Mountains in March:

4. Suffering from hyperemesis and barely leaving the house in April:

5. Admiring pink peonies and learning that our wee babe was a girl in May:

6. Visiting New England (again) and beginning an MFA program in June:

7. Nesting and readying the nursery in July:

8. Walking in the woods while very pregnant (and dying of the heat) in August:

9. Meeting Eleanor in September:

10. Apple picking and getting lots of newborn baby snuggles in October:

11. A chilly trip to Lake George and baby's first wedding in November:

12. Celebrating Eleanor's first Christmas in December:

Happy New Year, friends!

three months


Dear Eleanor, 

You hit three months and all of sudden you have become your own little person. You laugh when you think the face I am making is funny (which is pretty much always), you bravely grin when your dad tosses you up in the air (which you love), and you've finally given up your hatred of baths (which makes life easier for all of us). You have startled us with how early you've begun teething, but it makes you all the more snuggly (which I can't say I mind one bit). You have celebrated your very first Christmas, though you slept through most of the festivities, and you are quickly learning how to let us know when you want something (which isn't always a quiet thing). I lay in bed this morning, slightly missing my still, sleepy newborn, as you wiggled beside me chatting and kicking at the covers. But, these days, I love you all the more for your wildness. In fact, I love you even more now than I did then. Happy three months, darling. 


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