A Nursery Tour

Could there be a more bloggerly post than this? A photo tour of a room in our house. Particularly a room carefully curated for a little girl who, once she arrives, won't truly care or notice what it actually looks like? 

The nursery, like the rest of our house, is arranged and decorated in a way that suits us best: eclectic, lovely, and neutral. I want colors and decor to match, but I am not a huge fan of pre-ordained themes. Let us live simply and beautifully. Her hanging mobile was handmade by my sister; the tiny quilt by a certain great-grandmother; her teddy bear was a gift from her soon-to-be auntie; and the little lamb in her crib was knit by skilled friend. I am overwhelmed by the multitude of tiny handmade things that have been so lovingly given us. 

We framed postcards and watercolors from Europe to hang on her wall, basking in the sentimentality of those prints. For her changing table, we recycled an old family dresser. It was Zack's dresser when he was a newborn babe, and though I painted the once-blue outside a more neutral white, I couldn't bear to remove the tiny dino contact paper that my mother-in-law so lovingly lined his drawers with over twenty-five years ago. (There is, after all, nothing against girls liking dinosaurs).

And, of course, since she is my daughter, there are books everywhere. And tiny stuffed African animals, loving carted across the ocean by my mother before baby girl was even a wisp of a thing. 

Truth be told, baby girl's nursery is far nicer than our own bedroom. But isn't there something fitting about that? The amount of love we already have for this little lady is already pretty ridiculous. xo


  1. What a beautiful nest to welcome your little girl. Praying for you to have a safe and easy delivery (and soon!). It seems like no time has passed since I visited your mom in New Jersey in the summer of '89 when she was pregnant with you. Still have the pictures somewhere! Heidi

  2. This is lovely. I imagine I'll be exactly the same when the time comes! It's so sweet that you have a mix of new and old, and I love that there are books everywhere. I hope baby girl is a big reader :)

    Charlotte x
    Fox Socks

  3. How beautiful, Kate! She is surely loved.


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