What I know at 27:

When you're feeling blue, hook into kindness. Its really the only thing to do.

Offer up small and imperfect words, despite the fact that they are small and imperfect. (Perfection in real conversation rarely exists).

The transformation of person to parent is taken over by the transformation of human to animal; it is a relationship physical from the very start--her hunger affects my body, her sleep affects my sleep. 

Another thing about parenthood: like many other things in life, love-at-first-sight doesn't always show up when you think it will; you may slip into love slowly, and then, suddenly, all at once.

Just because someone doesn't do things your way doesn't mean that they are wrong. (Simple, and yet sometimes tremendously hard to remember).

Never underestimate the power of a kind smile--especially a baby smile (be still my heart!).

And keep in mind what Mary Oliver said, You must never stop being whimsical.

Another thing from her: You must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility of your life. 

PS. Each past birthday list remains true.


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