Eleanor, this is Christmas. See how the air smells like pine and the air is cold on your face? See how we wind these twinkling lights around the tree we've brought inside, how needles fall the the wood floor as we struggle to set the sappy trunk in water? These are candy canes. This is gingerbread. Christmas is all about faith and Jesus, but the spices and scents have become tradition and now they are somehow Christmas too. Do you see the snow outside, Eleanor? It is soft, like sand, but very different. You love the cold already--the deep pine-scented cold of winter in the woods. You are definitely your father's daughter. xo


This year, our card is fairly simple. Since it is our first Christmas as a family of three, the traditional photo-on-front-scripture-on-back seemed called for. However, lesson learned: it is much trickier to get a good photo of three people than it is to get a smiling picture of just two. So sorry for spreading your grimace around the world, baby girl. It was really the best shot we could get. 


Merry Christmas, friends! To you who regularly wander into this virtual space (particularly in spite of the infrequent postings of this past year), t h a n k  y o u. Wishing you a season of joy as you celebrate the birth of our Savior.


PS. For a peek at Christmas Cards past, follow this link.


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