Two and a half days was not nearly enough time to spend in the beautiful city of Florence. If ever I were to admit belief in love at first sight it would have been on Friday morning when a train from Rome deposited us in Tuscany in the medieval town that Italians call Firenze. Florence took my breathe away, and when I have a moment to spare I will do my best to tell the stories of those charming two and a half days. Until then, however, I have published some photographs I took in that lovely city on facebook, so please look there for a glimpse of that city on a river, as well as other pictures I've snapped around Rome. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, and at this point in the semester as midterms crouch ready to spring upon me, I'll never be able to blog as many words that all those pictures are worth. I hope to write at least a couple words about Florence at any rate. Eventually.


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