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Today while walking through the mall, Dad and I noticed a small specialty tea shop. Black, Japanese tea pots and flowered English teacups were artfully displayed on the glass shelves lining the store's front windows, and outside the entrance stood a cart with complimentary samples of their newest fragrant blend. How could we refuse? Not one to pass up anything free, much less good tea, I skipped over to the pleasant stand and poured myself a small plastic cup of the White Jasmine Dragon Green Tea and Red Rooibus concoction that had been slightly sweetened with honey.

It was delicious.
The most delicately flavourful tea that I have ever dared sip.
Dad could not have agreed more. Even he--who admits to being more of a coffee connoisseur than a tea fanatic--found this particular blend beyond delightful.
"I think we should get some," He declared smiling, "Would you like some?"
I nodded happily.
Yet we left empty handed.

I am a tea lover.
But when tea costs nearly $5.00 an ounce ($74.00 a pound), then I do not love tea quite enough.
I do not love it nearly that much. 


  1. that sounds DELICIOUS. I had some rooibos the other day that was happiness in a mug.

    My personal recipie for joy and happy vocal chords: hot water, a pinch of cloves, juice of a limonange and a bunch of honey. AMAZING. try it. really.

  2. I agree; Rooibus can certainly be happiness in a mug. *smiles* I shall certainly try your recipe. It sounds delightful! :)


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