High Above the Waterfall

We took one last holiday, clinging to the opportunity for respite and cool weather. Sipi Falls has been our quite place of retreat since the beginning and the winding drive up the mountains and foothills was well worth the two days we spent at Lacam Lodge.

Three main waterfalls grace the cliffs of Sipi, shooting out over the jagged drop and after falling nearly a hundred meters pounding into the rocky pools below. Lacam Lodge rest at the very top of this first fall. High above the waterfall, listening to the roar of water hitting rock below, we spent our final two days of holiday.

The nine of us hiked through banana groves and coffee fields, were soaked in the spray at of two other waterfalls, drank excessive amounts of Africa tea, played intense games of farkle and cards, read, visited and rested. Twas a beautiful escape from normality.


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