A Safari in three parts: Prologue.

It takes two days to reach Kampala, and from Kampala another full day of driving North and then West to reach Murchison Falls National Park.It was new territory for all of us; a red marum road that we had not traversed before. Our guide assured us, "You'll enjoy it; its a very nice drive." The largest Game Reserve in Uganda, Murchison boasts not only the classic Savannah filled with wild animals, but also a powerful waterfall. Our two days and three nights on Safari were busily crammed with as much activity as a 24 hour day permits. Before we even reached our campsite, we stopped at the beautiful Murchison Falls to hike around the water. Hiking up rocky hills in the intense African heat of summer may not be my favourite thing to do immediately following a five hour car ride along dirt roads. But the beauty and power of the falls were worth instantly being soaked in our own sweat.


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