When Life Gives You Lemons...

In Uganda, every variety of citrus fruit grows green.

Lemons, Oranges and Limes abound in the more tropical towns,however each fruity core is encased in a thick green skin. In Nakaale we have a prodigious lemon tree, but the lemons are a challenge to harvest. First, the trunk and limbs of Karamojong lemon trees are studded with sharp, barbed thorns. Secondly, the lemons--green as the leaves of the tree-- are rather difficult to spot from the ground.

The following is a Step by Step description of how to conquer our lemon tree make lemonade in Karamoja.

Step One: Find Spear. Take careful aim at the largest lemons hanging from the highest bough. Ready. Aim. Fire.

Step Two: When you have tried several times to dislocate a green lemon from its branch, seek the help of a Karimojong watchman. Not only will he be able to throw the spear properly, but he will be able to find lemons hanging at eye level so you needn't strive for the ones highest up in the tree.

Step Three: Collect Lemons off the ground. Take inside.

Step Four: Roll lemons, pressing the skin so that the inner citrus fruit is easier to juice.

Step Five: Juice lemons with lemon juicer. Strain seeds and pulp (if desired) from the juice.

Step Six: Add water, ice and sugar to taste. Drink and Enjoy.

As a thank you for helping the ignorant wazungu find lemons on the tree, we caught our guard, Akol, before he left work and offered him a tall glass of the fresh lemonade.
"We drink this in America," we explained.
A grin spread across his face as he took a long sip. " Ahhhhhhhhhh!" He exclaimed, draining the glass. "Ebob Nooi!" Delicious!

We were, all of us, quite pleased. 


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