A (slight) Explanation

I felt the need to explain this.

I work for a magazine that dictates the content of my writing, and as much as I appreciate my job, I would much prefer to be writing about something else.

I think that's the main reason why I suddenly needed to begin blogging again. Disciplining myself to take more pictures (at least five per week) and write about whatever I choose, has become a freeing experience. Because even though I don't mind spending all day writing about sustainable energy, drug dealers and other public threats, being able to compose a short piece on newly-married life, an old book or whatever we happened to make for dinner, is just the thing to keep me creative and happy.

And so even though “my week in images” was not original and I am all too aware that there are plenty of other blogs out there filled with better pictures, better recipes and better prose, posting my own thoughts has become exactly what I needed.

So forgive me if I seem unoriginal or redundant; I don't mean to be. 


  1. Your "five things" posts are always some of my favorite of all the blog posts i read each week. I think beautiful things are always worth sharing, "original" idea or not.

  2. God works in mysterious ways...I just wrote you a card about how much I enjoy your pictures! So don't apologize!

  3. I am glad that others do, in fact, enjoy seeing the photos, because I have certainly had fun taking them. :)
    Thanks for the encouragement, ladies!


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