Mark Twain

I found this book at the an auction two weeks ago and was instantly smitten. It doesn't look very grand, it's not very long, and the short biography about Twain's time in Williamsport is not even exceptionally well-written. But the lover of literature inside of me was absolutely in heaven...because you see, in 1869 when Twain visited this small town, he lectured at the Ulman Opera House. And in the 143 years since that day in December, the Opera House in downtown Williamsport, right on the corner of Market Street, has been converted into a bank, then an office space and, most recently, retro apartments.

And that building is where I live now.


  1. Just think, the molecules in the walls of your apartment are still vibrating with the evanescent energy of Mark Twain's voice!

  2. Ted: something like that. :)
    Adiya: my sentiment exactly!


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