IV of IV: A Market

On our last day in the city, we pass through a the market on our way to the train station.
Nadrazi Holesovice  is not the cleanest train station we've been in, although most Czech station, we've discovered, seem to be quite dirty. The walls, floors and ceiling are a thick charcoal grey and scuffed with the black shoe marks of the hundred of travels who pass through Praha each day.

The glimpse of the Autumn market in town has inspired me, and as we wait on a bench in the train station, I wander throughout the train station in search for fruit. There is an Asian man selling pomegranates  outside the side entrance of Holesovice. We barter in English, and in the end we trade the last of my Czech coins and a deep red pomegranate. Returning to M, I proudly display my plunder.

In Vienna, we feast on pomegranate seeds and apple tea for dinner, because it is raining, cold and we don't want to walk outside.


  1. Also, we were too cheap to buy another bus ticket.


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