My Week in Images:

Five things that made my week:

1. This lavender sugar scrub...

because I made it myself.

2. This hardbound volume...

because its one of my favourites.

3. This scarf...

because even though I probably have too many scarves, this one is fresh and new to me.

4. This surprise gift from my husband....

because we love this show. And Netflix only has up to season six. bam.
 5. This baklava...

because a we discovered the most darling Greek restaurant last night and brought home these treats. 
What is something that made your week? Anyone?


  1. I love this series, Kate! I want to start emulating it soon. But this week one thing that made my week got a whole blog post of its own. :)

  2. Dear Kate,
    While I do not always read your blog very faithfully, every time I do, it's like seeing a clear blue sky.

  3. Something that made my week: A brass lamp for our dining area...because it cost one dollar from a yard sale and we don't have to eat in the dark anymore. :)

  4. I LOVE "How I met your mother." I found out that New Girl season 1 is on dvd tuesday, which was also my birthday. That made my week.

  5. Melodee: Thank you! And congratulations on the beautiful baby grand!

    Hannah: Thank you, dear. I enjoy reading about your adventures in China as well!

    Lisa: Hurrah for light! I'm a huge fan of yard sale finds. :)

    Sarah: New Girl is also marvelous. :) and I have discovered so many fellow HIMYM lovers lately. Love!


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