My Week in Images:

We are wending our way to Geneva this weekend for a short visit. It's the first time we'll be returning to campus since graduation and we have delicately scheduled our trip to coincide with the school's fall break; the fewer unknown students there, the better. In light of this journey, and the resulting distance between myself and my laptop, I am posting this week's segment a day early. Enjoy.

Five things that made up my week:

1. This sunrise...

because it crept through the window so perfectly.

2. This applesauce...

for all the aforementioned reasons.

3. These mesh storage bags...

because Real Simple sent them to me for free and so I filled them with potatoes and rice.

4. This seam ripper...

because it helped remove some truly terrible shoulder pads from a lovely vintage jacket.

5. These t-straps...

because they are all lined up and classy.

Happy weekend, one and all.

Also, speaking of apples, check this out.


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