wind & rain

The east coast is being whipped and worn by the steady surges of wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy. Yet in our small corner of Pennsylvania, we seem to missing the messiest parts of this storm. We have emergency candles lined neatly in rows with matches within reach, but so far, our power has not flickered and the nearby river has risen but not overflown.

Work has been called off for both husband and me, and so we sit in the coziness of our living room, watching the raindrops trip down windowpanes and listening to the hiss of our radiator as it breathes heat into our chilly corner apartment.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been much more affected by Sandy's forceful gale. Particularly my dad and Zack's parents, who were on separate trips but were all scheduled to fly north yesterday, and are presently stuck in Florida for the next week. Thankfully, like us, they are all tucked up and safe.


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