My Week in Images:

Five little things that made my week:

1. These clementines...

because they are darling.

2. This funky cocktail...

because even though it ended up tasting pretty terrible, we had fun concocting this little apertif. (Its shaken not stirred).

3. This aromatic sachet...

because it smells heavenly. And also because it is made from one of the handmade linen napkins from our wedding. A dear friend sewed, crafted and mailed it to me this week. I couldn't have been more touched; I'm sentimental like that.

4. These little stamps...

because they will be perfect for stamping holiday cards and Christmas tags. So. Exciting.

5. This subtle reminder...

because, indeed, All Shall Be Well.

Also, these interesting thoughts on philosophy, blogging and the principle of charity.


  1. My mom wanted me to tell you that the lavender was home grown ;)

  2. Home grown is the best kind. Thank you, dear!


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