My Week in Images:

Five little things that made my week:

1. This Sunday lunch...

because it is really just perfect.

2. These bare branches...

because a walk in the woods with husband was exactly the tonic for far too much Thanksgiving turkey.

3. This sunlit place setting...

because it was Thanksgiving. And I am thankful for so many things.

4. This tea shop...

because its one of my favourite places. And this week I was able to share it with family
 (both old and new).

5.  This sister...

because even though this photo is terribly old (and truly SHE is not really a THING)
 spending time with her this week was simply the best.

What little things were you thankful for this week? 


  1. The lunch makes my mouth water!

  2. It was wonderful! Rustic lunches of bread, cheese and various veggies really are one of my favorite things ever. :)

    ps. Thanks for all the comments, dear! I so appreciate them. :)


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