Lessons Learned


If you frequent these parts, you may have noticed some unusual imagery lately: black marks and shadows "x's" where various  sunny photographs and little weekly images were once posted.

This has been a week where technology has taught me lessons and careful patience.

When I suddenly realized that a frenzy of organizing (and, yes, deleting) of files  had caused every single picture on this blog to disappear, I panicked. There is nothing like having an ongoing creative project, such as this, grow suddenly so flawed and imperfect in the space of a few seconds. And so these past evenings have been spent slowly uploading and replacing black boxes with real photographs and pieces of memory. Slowly by slowly, I think I have finally remedied and replaced the ugly scars. (But do let me know if you stumble upon a missing photo or two).

Among other things, this week seems to have taken the form of a wry smile.
There are some big changes going on for husband and me (more on that a little later) and this week has swept us up with a speed  that far exceeds our expectations.

Hopefully, a little weekend Christmas decorating and sprucing up of the apartment will add just the right amount of cheer to our souls.
Happy weekend.

2 note(s) from friends:

  1. So glad to see your pictures once again :)

    1. Thanks for the heads up that they were missing in the fist place. :)


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