My Week in Images:

Five little things that made my week:

1. These branches...

because I asked a man selling Christmas trees if I could buy some discarded branches, and he gave me a handful for free. 

2. These blueberry scones...

because there is nothing quite like warm pastries on a Sunday morning.

 3. This new soap...

because new bottles have a way of making the dingiest of sinks feel  fresh.

4. This black and white film...

because its a wonderful story.

 5.  This little homemade box...

because I wrote six dates and Zack wrote six dates.
We draw randomly from the box  and do whatever the slip of paper instructs. 

How did you celebrate December this week?


  1. Love the "12 Dates of Christmas" idea (along with your rubber stamps)! We will have to try that next year. What fun!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, we have been so busy this month that it is highly unlikely we'll complete all twelve before Christmas. Alas. Still, we've enjoyed it immensely thus far. :)


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