The (Christmas) Tree Stand: A Story

In which Husband and I buy our very first Christmas tree, defy our lease (which forbids pine trees and other festive Christmas things on account of them being "fire hazards"), sneak it up the fire escape into our apartment, create a fabulous tree stand out of an old paint can and various hardware, and (finally) decorate the small pine with white lights while singing songs of good cheer:


  1. You rebels, you. Beautiful. ;)

  2. *laughing*... you did see the irony of taking something that's a "fire hazard" up the fire escape, right?

    And it can hardly be more of a fire hazard than Winter Wonderland in Clarke was... I know that we had an electric candle actually begin smoking that night!

    1. *chuckles* Yes, the irony amused me greatly.
      And agreed! Winter Wonderland was all kinds of dangerous. :)


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