A Story: Blueberry Butter Crumb Cake

It began with a birthday.

Or perhaps it began even before that. 
The birthday was just an excuse. 

An excuse to spend a sunny afternoon carefully leveling cups of flour with the slow scrape of a knife. Zesting lemons. Whisking eggs. Bringing out those summer blueberries that were freshly picked on a lazy afternoon and frozen for a time such as this. Who says you can't have fresh blueberry crumb cake in January?

The long anticipated Smitten Kitchen cookbook, a late Christmas gift, arrived in the mail over the weekend, and so, of course, I had to make a cake. The birthday was just an excuse. 

There wasn't even a crumb left after the party. 
oh happy day.


  1. Got my Smitten Kitchen cookbook for Christmas too! Can't wait to try this cake with my frozen blueberries!

    1. I also saw that the book contains the apple cider caramels recipe and so I've been reminded of my need to try them! :) you'll have to let me know what other recipes are winners.


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