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I hate to be redundant, but Terrain is full of little treasures.

We are in packing mode this week, and while, I admit, we use more recycled boxes and duct tape than we do brown craft paper and string, I can only imagine that packing would be a little more satisfying if I could package my books and things up in a pretty fashion. Cotton twine with just a hint of twisted glitter. A dispenser ready to keep me from knots and disarray.

The twine tin looks easy enough to make. Perhaps, I'll splurge on the pretty string and make my own dispenser. What do you think?

Knot & Bow Twine | Tin Twine Dispenser Terrain
*Note: This series is simply my way of appreciating carefully crafted things that are not a part of my everyday life. No posts are sponsored. No photographs are mine. No products tried. And the views expressed entirely my own.


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