Snagged Moments

"Everywhere, things snagged me. The visible world turned me curious to books; the books propelled me reeling back to the world.

It was easier to remember a sentence than a sight, and the sentences suggested sights, new or skewed."

(Annie Dillard)


Bonnie and I spent a good portion of New Years Eve, tucked into overstuffed armchairs, reading  novels at a small coffee shop. Local art hung from the exposed brick walls and as I sipped my mug of blended siam tea, I wondered who considered it a good idea to upholster armchairs with plush orange velvet. I have found that only coffee shops can pull off such style. 

For us, it was the perfect way to end an old year, and we spent hours sitting and reading. Chatting and eavesdropping. Sighing and smiling. There is nothing like coffee ship time with an old friend. She is re-reading the Narnia series. I have just begun a little book by John Berger called To the Wedding . It was a gift from a friend, and the language reminds me of an Italian song. Calming and lyrical.  So utterly beautiful. 


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