Tea by Mail

This is why I often include a bag of tea in the letters I send to friends. 
Because after a long afternoon of painting trim, I so appreciate sitting down to read a note with a bag of what a friend's been drinking lately tucked between the pages. 

Today,  I boiled water and sat down to a cup Wild Berries herbal tea, before diving into a friend's  correspondence. Before  picking up the paintbrush again, all I needed was a moment to of calm quiet.

Does anyone else tuck tidbits in your letters? What surprises do you include? 


  1. I love this idea! I haven't really received any "real" mail in a long time, and in fact am still working on sending out photo Christmas cards, but I think this has inspired me to send more letters (with gifts). :)

    1. Gifts tucked in snail mail are the best. :)

  2. *blushes* I do love receiving tea by mail as well. :)


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