On the Return of a Book Lent to a Friend

A quote for Monday:

"I give hearty and humble thanks for the safe return of this book, which has endured the perils of my friend's bookcase and the bookcase of my friend's friends, now returns to me in reasonably good condition. I give hearty and humble thanks that my friend did not see fit to give this book to his infant for a plaything, nor use it as an ashtray for his burning cigar, nor a teething ring for his mastiff. When I loaned this book, I deemed it as lost; I was resigned to the business of the long parting; I never thought to look upon its pages again. But now that my book has come back to me, I rejoice and am exceedingly glad! Bring hither the fattened morocco and let us rebind the volume and set it on the shelf of honor, for this my book was lent and is returned to me again. Presently, therefore, I may return some of the books I myself have borrowed." 
~Christopher Morley


  1. I once got a book back fifteen years after I had loaned it out! Grandpa Ted


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