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While in Ireland, we paused our adventuring and ordered tea nearly every afternoon. The black tea in Dublin was brewed strong, then mixed with rock sugar and milk. Whether we ordered from our hotel in Dublin, the Bed and Breakfast in Galway, a small, street-side cafe or even on the train,  our Irish breakfast tea was always delivered in strong white cups on saucers, with a chubby white ceramic teapot beside. For all my love of blue and white china, or my mismatched collection of fine teacups painted with chintz and roses, Zack and I have wanted a set of plain white china cups since those Dublin days. Perhaps something like these from Father Rabbit? I suppose, sometimes, plain white is simply best.

Tea Cup and Saucer | Father Rabbit

*Note: This series is simply my way of appreciating carefully crafted things that are not a part of my everyday life. No posts are sponsored. No photographs are mine. No products tried. And the views expressed entirely my own.


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