My Week in Images:


Five little things that made my week:

1. These little seedlings...

because, soon, they will be forget-me-nots in full bloom.
2. This new rug...

because the dining room walls are painted a very bold color now and
this new rug matches them far better than the old one ever did.

3. The lunch at this gluten-free bakery...

because even though the food we ordered was not stellar, the time spent with a friend was lovely.

4. This bit of blueberry goodness...

because you might be thinking, "Its just a muffin." But the truth is, this was the week of muffins and I made 2 dozen of these and husband and I ate them all in the space of only a few days. The key? A tremendous amount of blueberries.

5. These budding trees...

because the new growth is just so beautiful. 

What did your week look like?

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