On Adventures

"Darling, lets go on an adventure," I say to him, flipping through old photo albums and remembering past dreams. He has been coming home earlier these spring days, working from his laptop as I snuggle beside him on our living room futon. Though he is still managing office work, I like having him at home while there is still daylight. We were able to watch breaking coverage as the news of Boston swept through town on Monday, and we prayed together in the middle of the afternoon.

"Lets go on an adventure," I repeat, knowing that now is not the time, but wishing it was.
This time last year I was neck-deep in Emily Dickenson, and I've wanted to visit Amherst ever since. Revisiting her poems and letters, I feel the itch again. A springtime trip to Massachusetts. "Wouldn't that be fun, husband?"

"Or perhaps we could visit my sister in Florida?" he says. And I appreciate that he plays along.

My family is on a retreat on Lake Victoria this week, and the fast internet near the city allows my mother and brothers to send  me photographs of the palm trees and the hibiscus. The clear pools for swimming and the grassy banks of the lake. "Lets pop over to Uganda for the weekend," I say, "the warmth would do us good, I think."

"No problem," he says. "Don't forget to pack your swim suit."

I smile at him. Even though there will be no trip this weekend, its nice to dream of one.

Are any of you dreaming of adventures these days?


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