On Wonder + Awe

These days, I yearn to be in a constant state of wonder.

Though these brown hills and bleak skies don't seem worthy of our marvel, when the sun angles through the room at just the right moment, I can remember a time when the hills and the sky were anything but brown and bleak. Memories inspire me to marvel. Like this Ugandan morning two summers ago; Zack and I hiked towards the mountain to watch the sun rise.

This week, my goal is to wake up earlier. With my current lack of a nine-to-fiver, the mornings seem to slip away before I even notice that they are there. Mornings have never been my time of choice. But now that I have them to myself,  I'm hoping to appreciate the pink morning light of today's wonder--to be awed by the repetition of the daily sunrise instead of thriving on memory alone. 

Happy April.

"I want to say: all my life
  I was a bride married to amazement." (Mary Oliver)


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