My Week in Images:

Five little things that made my week:

1. This twirly dress...

because sister left for Europe and now I get to borrow her wardrobe all summer. (Thanks, sis.)

2. This organic spinach...

because blanched and then tossed with  olive oil, fresh garlic and pepper,
 it tasted just like the spinach from that old Korean restaurant near school. 

3. These lilacs...

because they were a gift from other sister. 

4. These little bells...

because lily-of-the-valley is one of my favorite flowers, and now they are blooming all round our backyard.
 Such a surprise!

 5. This bumper sticker...

because when I found it, I laughed. 

Whats something that made your week?


  1. I too consider lily-of-the-valley one of my favorites. I am anxiously awaiting their blooming to bring a select few inside (or to work).

    1. They just smell so heavenly. Enjoys yours once they bloom! :)


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