My Week in Images:

Five little things that made my week:

1. This lace detail...

because its nice to feel pretty every so often.

2. These recipe cards...

because a lovely lady made cookies for our wedding reception last year and then gifted the recipes and cookie cutters to us. A year later,  I was asked to bake cookies for a friends wedding and I am using the same recipes, the same cookie cutters. There is poetry in moments like this. 

3. This rhubarb...

because it was made into pie. And you know how we feel about pie.

4. This paper straw...

also the smoothie. and the mint.

5. This radio station...

because (ugly photo aside) sometimes Pandora just gets everything right.

Also, this cool snail mail app.

We are adventuring for the next handful of days! Celebrating one year of marriage and other fancy things. I shall return to this space once we are home. Happy weekend!


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