on Cherry Blossoms

"Your journey, through grace, is one of faith, not sight, and this has always been the pathway of the brightest and best. Faith was the orbit in which these stars of the first magnitude shone in their day; and happy are you to be in their company. Look again tonight to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of your faith, and thank Him for giving you like precious faith with souls now in glory."
(Charles Spurgeon)


Maytime cherry blossoms remind me of my growing up years. The cherry trees filled the tidal basin, lining the streets of D.C., their fine tissue paper blossoms standing guard against whatever felt like the greatest threat of the moment. My sisters and I gathered the bruised and fallen petals in small baskets when we were young. Skipping around the grassy yard, we tossed handfuls of pink in the air, imagining, as young girls do, impending grand events that would somehow change our lives.

Today, I read these thoughts from a fellow blogger on blossoms and being boundless. They seemed worth sharing:

"But, there is no restraint in the month of May, no tenuous half-ways or kind-ofs. Every inch of the cherry trees is impossibly pink. The blossoms quiver with their unbearable lightness.  After months of cold, the doors fly open again and a hive’s worth of bees begin buzzing. Ask them how much to give of your heart! They’ll answer the way that you’re fearing."

Happy May, friends.


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