Whiskey Gingers with Lime

Growing up, stiff drinks were things rarely encountered. But on occasional summer visits with the grandparents, I caught glimpses of their small sideboard, filled with amber-filled bottles and club soda. As a child, I was fascinated, both by the dusty, dark cupboard of the sideboard and by the ritual of a stiff drink before dinner.
Then, my grandfather liked scotch on the rocks. Now, I'm partial to whiskey gingers.

These drinks are nothing fancy. Just simple ginger ale paired with a bit of whiskey and topped with enough lime juice to keep things from getting too sweet. I like twice the lime others do.

We stumbled across this little drink while in Ireland. It was an alternative to Guinness, and I claimed it is as my own. I know cocktails are generally a weekend treat, but every so often, husband and I like to indulge in one of these on a weeknight such as this. Summer is coming, and we are in the mood to celebrate.


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