My Week in Images:

Five little things that made my week:

1. This small knob...

because it only took a dab of wood glue to stick it right back on.

2. These floral curtains...

because they give the guest room a tad more privacy. And we are anticipating guest for these next few weekends.

3. This little glass of Honey Brown beer...

because when it comes to beer, a sip or two is usually enough for me, and this glass is perfect for sipping.

4. This little guy...

because, hopefully, he'll take root and become his very own rosemary plant. 

5. This messy fruit salad...

because mangoes will always make my week. 

Also, been dreaming of returning to this place.
And, lately, I have had my eye on one of these.
Whats something that made your week?


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