Festival Weekend

When it began to rain we were just sun-burnt enough to welcome the downpour. 

Husband's birthday is next week and in the spirit of anticipatory celebrations, I presented him with an early gift: tickets to a music festival just outside Philadelphia. We took the early train through the city each morning, entering the festival grounds and laying our blanket on the park lawn to stake out our territory. We picnicked and drank summer beer, listening to bands we weren't quite familiar with from the comfort of our sun-soaked lawn seats, and scrambling the join the crowd before the stage when our favourites began to play. 

By the time Sunday afternoon arrived and the deluge overtook the festival, we were just satisfied enough not to mourn the loss of the evening performances. We left the park, splashing through puddles and soaked to the skin, exhausted and terribly happy.

Here are a few iphone photos of the weekend. 
I hope your Monday is off to a lovely start.


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