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Several weekends ago, we tackled, and finally finished painting, the small upstairs sun room. Dark brown walls were brightened with a slick coat of ivory and the baseboard radiators were meticulously transformed from dusty taupe to pure white. Now, the room filled with windows is fresh and lovely, but its also quite empty. At the moment, the only piece in the room is a single wooden chair, previously used as a ladder while painting unreachable places. Husband says the single chair chair in a white room is "good thinking space," but, I admit, in my head, I am dreaming of filling the sun room with a pair of over sized chairs and a few wicker baskets full of books. Perhaps a hanging plant or two, but definitely a cotton rug from The Company Store. I am partial to the blues and greys, but then again, I always am. 

Mirage Rug | The Company Store
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