If All My Dreams Were Made of Gold

Do you recall this sheet music? Well, I framed it. Its hanging above the landing at the top of the stairs and every time I alight those steps a smile slips across my face to see it proudly hanging there. 

I found the paper sheet music while browsing antique shops with a friend, and purchased the piece for  the attractive cover design. Days later, filled with curiosity, I spent some time searching for modern covers or old recordings of the song online, but had no luck. Apparently "If All My Dreams Were Made of Gold, I'd Buy The World for You" was not popular enough in its day to be remembered well. But just as I gave up my curious search, I stumbled across a 1912 recording of this simple song from the Library of Congress online. If you would like to indulge in a little historical nerdiness with me, the song can be listened to here.

It may not be the most wonderful tune I have ever heard, but the hundred year old recording certainly gave me the chills. Enjoy.


  1. You might be interested in the version of this song by the famous barbershop quartet "Boston Common". If all my dreams were made of gold is something of a barbershop staple, and their version (from the 80s, I think) is particularly good, though a little hard to track down.


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