My Week in Images:

Five little things that made my week:

1. This sun-steeped drink...

because its white champagne raspberry tea.

2. This corkscrew...

because it was rescued from behind the stove.

3. This Queen Anne's Lace...

because its my favourite and a favourite of  empty lots, which means flowers for me.

4. This soap...

because usually such a treat spends a year or two in an underwear drawer before being used, but this bar got sudsy immediately and we've never smelled better.

because, Happy Birthday, Husband!
Also, this cover.  (because its so much better than the original).

Not pictured:
The removal of ugly bushes from the backyard. 
The evening game of bocce, just him and me. 
The sweater I am wearing right now. 
Sweet friends. 

What something that made your week?


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