Just Beans + Leeks

In the greenish light of a late afternoon thunderstorm, I flipped through the slick pages of an unused cookbook, searching for inspiration. Husband had been away for a few days, and though he was promised to return that night, it wouldn't be in time for dinner. With his absence in mind, I lingered on the page praising braised leeks and white beans because, if you must know the truth, husband doesn't like beans, and the idea of trying something new while cooking only for myself intrigued me. 

But here is another secret: I don't really like beans either. 

Its not that I dislike them. I won't turn up my nose at a hearty chili and I'll eat a seven-bean salad if its served to me. But I never voluntarily cook beans. Daily lunches of white rice and red beans for four years will do that to a person, I suppose. (Though, while we are admitting secrets, there have been times when I have craved Joyce's rice, beans and cabbage like nothing else. Though during those salivating moments, I believe rice and beans may only be a symbolic craving for much, much more).

Memories aside, these beans are white not red, canned not soaked, and served with such a generous amount of creamy leeks and mozzarella cheese that you really can't help but like them. As the rain fell, drumming silently on our rooftop, I sat and ate, and began to reevaluate my philosophy surrounding beans.

It would be cheating, I think, to include a "recipe" here, documenting that meal, because, really, it was just beans and leeks. Simple ingredients sauteed until soft, drowned in broth, sprinkled with cheese then baked and broiled till bubbling. The happiest of comfort foods. But if you are intrigued, hungry, or would like to combat your own inner bean-hater, the recipe can be found here or in this cookbook.


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