una bicicletta

The bicycle was not much to look at when Zack noticed it laying on the side of the road.
It was one of three. Each a little more worn than the next, all covered in a heavy layer of rust and dirt.

Still, seeing potential, he bought them all, handing over a five dollar bill for each. He stowed them at the house, texting me before I came home from work. "There is a surprise for you in the garage," he said.

We spent a full Saturday with pieces of the bicycle spread out on the lawn. We sanded and scrubbed at the fenders and wheels, polishing the frame and chrome handlebars with elbow grease and tin foil. A little primer, a little baby blue paint and a brand new basket later and I have bike far grander than the Mixte 3 I was lusting after earlier this summer.

Three cheers for hard work and doing it yourself!
But mostly three cheers for my husband who is as handy as can be.

Now, I am off to tote anything around in my new little bike basket. End of summer picnic, anyone?


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