My Week in Images:


Five little things that made my week:

1. These bottles...

because they were bought in anticipation of a weekend celebration with dear friends. (Can't. Wait.)

2. This small succulent...

for its unfailing company while I do the dishes (which, these days, feels like always).

3. This homegrown honey...

because it was a gift from Zack's coworker.

4. This concealer...

because, every so often, we all need a little help in this area, and this week, it was (alas) my turn.

5. These brass hooks...

because they are a new addition.

We're off to celebrate "friendsgiving" with a handful of college chums this weekend. 
See you on the flip side. 

(But while I'm away, whats a little something that made your week? Do tell.)

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