a baby shower

Dear Friend,

I promised you pictures, I know. I promised to post them here. But aside from these snapshots--a close-up of the hanging mobile Maria made for Emily and a quick shot of the living room pre-guests--I didn't touch my camera. No shots of Emily or her belly, which are really what you wanted to glimpse.

I suppose playing hostess has a way of keeping you occupied. It did me. And I just didn't think about taking photos. Not while the house was filled with more people than there were chairs (though no one seemed to mind sitting on the floor, eating cake as my sister opened  her gifts).

Small children ran from room to room, taping ribbons to my walls with shrieks of, "I decorated!"
We played games (which are usually the worst, but these ones weren't bad).
And dear women blessed sister with diapers and gadgets, equipment and tools. 
Such piles of tiny clothes for a tiny boy to be.

So forgive me for letting you down, photo wise, my dear. 
At least you can see what others have posted on facebook. 



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