My Week in Images:

Five little things that made my week:

1.  These blooms...

because the pink was really just perfect (and flowers make my week always).

2. This cookie butter...

because did you know such a treat existed?

3. This rug...

because even though it was never my style, it has won me over by sheer force of fluff.

4. These cookies...

because I came home from work to find my mother pulling a dozen warm cookies from the oven.
 And that, kids, is where it is at.

 5. This evening date with husband...

because some days, you just need something like this to look forward to. 

Also, a few laughs.

Whats something that made your week?


  1. Cookie butter?! Sounds heavenly!

  2. That cookie good! Have you tried it with their pretzel thins? Delicious!

  3. Love to your mom, who has ALWAYS made excellent cookies!


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